Is Car Sales Right for You ?

Is Car Sales the right choice for you? That depends on so many things. Here we will give you some formation to help you make the right choice.

Car Sales can be an incredibly rewarding and lucrative vocation, it can also be a very stressful and mentally draining job.

As a starter, with little experience, in a mainstream Franchise dealer you would probably start with a basic salary from £10,000 to maybe £18,000. Clearly, that is not a very attractive proposition in itself. However, the On Target Earnings depend on ability to sell. With a poor salesperson earning very little and a skilled salesperson earning a substantial monthly commission.

Most commission packages will be heavily geared to performance. As an example £50.00 per car up to 10 cars and £100.00 per unit once target is achieved, and often further increments thereafter.

It is easily possibly to have a salesperson earning £60,000 plus whilst at the same dealer a lower performance rewards the salesperson with £30,000.

A salespersons income is a direct correlation of your ability and effort.

The thing that makes it the former is you, your attitude and performance. We will endeavour to help you with the skills required and guide you to success.

Do You Have What It Takes ?

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